The Rocket

At Moon Express, our ultimate goal of reaching the lunar surface must incorporate a lift technology that not only overcomes the gravitational pull of Earth, but pushes our Lander in the precise trajectory for a rendezvous with the Moon. With that in mind, we've determined our platform of choice will be either Orbital Science's Taurus II rocket, or pioneering entrepreneur Elon Musk's Space X Technologies' Falcon 9 rocket, which has a heritage dating back to the Apollo program.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

An orbital profile, which will ensure a proper lunar insertion is currently under development, and shown here in this video link of the STK, or Satellite Tool Kit animation. These practical sciences were first developed as theory by Sir Isaac Newton, and were put into practice by all of the Apollo missions to the Moon.

At just under $60 Million, the cost to get our Moon Express Lander into space can look daunting, but when contrasted with the benefits, is an investment worthy of any human endeavor.

 Apollo 8 diagram

Apollo 8's Translunar/Transearth diagram

falcon 9 space x launch

Space X's Falcon 9 launch

me rocket falcon 9

Orbital Science Taurus II




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