Daven bio portrait Google LRDAVEN MAHARAJ

Vice president business development
& operations

Daven Maharaj, Vice President Business Development & Operations
Daven Maharaj is an entrepreneur specializing in operations, marketing, and business development with over 15 years’ experience in high technology start-ups. He is the former Director of Marketing & Communications at Odyssey Moon Limited, creating the company’s high profile branding strategy as the first official contender of the Google Lunar X PRIZE.  Prior to joining Odyssey Moon in 2007, Daven was the Marketing Manager at Optech Incorporated, handling branding, marketing and media activities for all Optech terrestrial and space product lines. Daven joined Optech in 2002 to help build the newly formed Space Technology Division from start-up to leading global brand in space technology, leading to his involvement in the US AFRL XSS-11 program, the NASA shuttle tile investigation, NASA’s Human & Robotics Technology program, and work with the Canadian Space Agency on precision landing and hazard avoidance technology development and the NASA Phoenix Mars mission.


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