bob richards

CO-FOUNDER & CEO at Moon Express, InC

Space entrepreneur. Orphan of Apollo. Co-Founder
of International Space University, Singularity University
and Google Lunar X PRIZE competitors Odyssey Moon
Ltd. and Moon Express, Inc., where he currently
serves as CEO.

As Director of the Optech Space Division from 2002-2009,
Bob led the company's technology into orbit in 2004 and
to the surface of Mars in 2008 aboard the NASA Phoenix
Lander, making the first discovery of falling Martian snow.

Bob studied aerospace and industrial engineering at Ryerson University; physics and
astronomy at the University of Toronto; and space science at Cornell University where he
became special assistant to Carl Sagan. In 1987 Bob co-founded the International Space
University (ISU); today a global institution with a central campus in Strasbourg, France. While
a student in the 1980's he also co-founded the Space Generation Foundation and the Students
for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).

In 2008 Bob joined Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil and other leading thinkers in the founding
of the Singularity University, an institution based at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley
dedicated to preparing humanity for accelerating technological change.

Bob is an evangelist of the "NewSpace" movement and has been a catalyst for a number of
commercial space ventures. He is the recipient of a number of international space awards,
including the K.E. Tsiolkovski Medal (Russia, 1995), the Space Frontier “Vision to Reality” Award
(USA , 1994), the Arthur C. Clarke Commendation (Sri Lanka, 1990) and Aviation & Space
Technology Laurel (USA, 1988). He is a contributing author of "Blueprint for Space" (Smithsonian
Institution 1992); "Return to the Moon" (Apogee Books 2005) and "The Farthest Shore" (ISU
Press 2009).

In 2005 Bob received a Doctorate of Space Achievement (honoris causa) from the International
Space University for “distinguished accomplishments in support of humanity’s exploration and use
of space.”


My life is vested into creating international institutions and enterprises necessary to create a
peaceful and prosperous spacefaring civilization. See my blog at:



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