The Earth rises above the horizon of the moon.

    "We are all made of star-stuff" - Carl Sagan

         sagan k

The moon is a new continent and our nearest neighbor island in the vastness of space. It is where will learn to live off the land, find resources, and set up a trade and a navigation infrastructure. Moon Express is a part of building this new Earth-Moon highway which will be the testing ground for these first steps to a permanent foothold on this new land. When we get there we may find some lunar resources not available on Earth. We can set up trade and technical infrastructures and the “sailways,” or navigation systems needed to reach them. Some people will eventually want to live on the Moon. Earth and Moon will become convenient testing grounds for interplanetary systems exploration. The resources and the wealth of the Moon, and beyond, will be available to Earth. The Moon has always been a source of wonder and inspiration for people and it will continue to beckon us to reach further and strive harder—for the future and for those who will follow us.


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