Art Woodcut Japan

In this woodcut by Ogata Gekko, 1985, autumn flowers gracefully

reach out to the moon evoking the harmony between the two.

Nebra Sky dDisk

The Sky Disk of Nebra. This disc was used as a complex

astronomical clock for the harmonization of solar and lunar

calendars circa 2000BCE.

Réne Magritte

The harmony and influence of the moon over life on Earth is the

subject of this painting by René Magritte. Oil on canvas, 1956.



The Moon as artistic subject has captured, enlightened, and even lured viewers. Whether it's Ogata Gekko's 1895 woodcut, or Alan Bean's paintings of the Moon's surface he walked upon, our appreciation of the moon in art is ubiquitous. Moon Express takes this opportunity to highlight art throughout the ages that depicts the moon.

We express our deepest emotions to our satellite Moon. Throughout our existence on the Earth, we've been guided by it's light, planted our crops to it's rhythms, and counted the passing of the solar days to it's reflective phases. In a word, the Moon is our guide, and artists from all history have found inspiration in the beauty and simplicity of this ever-changing companion world.



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